Sunday, August 16, 2009

Orthodontist or Greece

Santorini,today and yesterday, Michalis Toumbis Editions - Athens

June 5th I was just returning from a consultation visit with an Orthodontist when my twin sister called to ask me if I wanted to go to Greece with her. Apparently our baby sister whom works for a travel agency found low fares for round trip tickets to Greece, less than $800.00.

I said sure, Greece is one of the places I have on my list of places I wanted to visit but I could not afford to go and get braces. After discussing it with my husband I decided that braces have waited this long, they could wait a little longer.

So, Monday June 8th, our sister Barbara booked Jan and I two tickets to Greece. Barbara called to tell us the good news and to let us know that the tickets were not the price she gave us first but now only $533.00. Yeah to Barb, what a great Springdale Travel Agent.

Through all of our excitement Jan and I finally came together after weeks of us researMykonos Delos, today and yesterday, Michalis Toumbis Editions - Athensching to discuss the trip. We decide from Athens we will go to Santorini the first few days, visit Mykonos (I wanted to take a trip to Delos, an archaeological gem) and maybe even stay overnight and then back to Athens for the remainder of our trip. We decided Jan would be in charge of making the reservations for the hotels and I would be in charge of the travel arrangements between places. I strongly urged that we should have our transportation decided before we know where to book hotels.

The next weekend I am in Auburn when Jan calls to tell me she found the most perfect place in Mykonos to stay, one with a balcony. I am surprised because I have not found all the information on transportation that I needed. Jan said these places are booking fast and she needs to book it now so I agreed. I am not sure if she told me then or later but this place had a no refund policy.

July14, Jan books the Sunset Hotel which we both like in Santorini and later the Acropolis Hotel in Athens. Again I tell her that finding a boat schedule and or plane is difficult because some schedules are not out until September but a friend of ours, John Strange is looking into it for me. Jan decides to help and look at possible transportation to and from the Island.

The next day Jan asked me if I wanted a 7:00am flight from Santorini to Mykonos or a noon flight. I really did not want to be at an airport at 7:00am so I asked Jan to book the noon flight even if that meant that I would miss the tour to Delos. So that Saturday night, late, Jan books a little plane from Athens to Santorini and then from Santorini to Mykonos. I receive a phone call from her early Sunday morning stating that she made a mistake. She was really upset and admitted she made a mistake. The flight from Santorini leaves at 7:00am to Athens and then at noon leaves Athens to Mykonos. She was so upset all I could do is say we will just have lunch in Athens that day. She went on to say she had other problems double booking the first flight and would have to call her credit company. I felt really sorry for her because she was trying to do good but I just did not feel like we had to rush. The trip is in October, we still had two months to handle everything. Now all Jan has left to book is the boat trip from Mykonos to Athens. I think she is avoiding it because of all her problems earlier.

Trips are suppose to be enjoyable and something you look forward too, not stressing out over it.