Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Athens Airport

We are now waiting in the Athens airport and for the first time I am using free Internet, yeah:)
A very nice couple gave us a ride to the airport so not too many complications so far. American people seem to be friendlier then the Greeks.
We have enjoyed our time in Santorini and able to get around very easy (mostly walking). Nick at the Sunset hotel was very nice, and our room was in a great location to everything. The best part was the view, outstanding.
So far I have noticed a few things;
Greek women are not fat, in fact I have not seen one yet, only Americans.
The food is mostly starch, breads and pasta and oil. Little fruit and vegetables.
The weather is great with very little rain but with high humidity the grapes and vegetation is watered by the mist in the early mornings.
The vines of the grapes are coiled around and flat on the ground because of the lack of rainfall. This explains why I was very surprised by the desert look when we first arrived in Athens. They say they may see snow once every ten to 15 years.
The clothing material is light and airy which allows for one to keep cool when it is hot and dry very quickly from the damp air.

Photographing, shopping, site-seeing, one museum (which was great), dinning and the view of the caldera leaves us with appreciation that we were able to visit this beautiful place.

I look forward to our less then 24 hour visit to Mykonos and later to Athens.

Jan and I are doing great, we love and miss everyone.

P.S. I did find out that if I had turned on my data to roam I would have been able to use my phone. At&T did not explain this to me.

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