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Overview of Sister's Week in Greece

Our Sister’s Week in Greece trip is coming to an end so I will leave you with a little synopsis of our week and a few observations.

The flight started from Pensacola to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Athens on Delta. Then we took another plane (Aegean Airlines) to Santorini. The total trip was long but and uneventful. All our bags did arrive (of course we carried them on most of the way.

We arrived in Santorini at the Sunset Hotel just in time to view the sunset, hot tub and some local wine. Accommodations were good and breakfast included.  We took photographs, shopped and took two tours. One tour was by vessel to the Caldera. I got off the boat with most of the group and hiked about 1 and half hours to the top. Then when we return back to the boat we set sail to another spot for a dip in a hot springs (too deep for me).  By the time we sailed to Oia there was food, music and wine along with a beautiful sunset. I would recommend this tour. I loved this first destination because the view was breath-taking, the wine was excellent and it was easy to get around (mostly walking). The people were somewhat friendly but I found the visitors from the US, Canada, London and Australia much nicer. We even met a couple from Georgia that gave us ride to the Airport while we were standing by the road waiting for our taxi.

Once we arrived in Athens (by Aegean) security took my Santorini wine because it was not properly packaged. I was in hopes (since it went through Santorini airport security with no problems) that I would be fine in Athens, not the case. It was a very good white wine that was from a little shop close to our hotel room. I debated on drinking some of it our last night in Santorini but I really wanted to bring it home as a gift. I guess the lesson to learn is to drink the wine and share the story !
We then flew to Mykonos, a very tourist destination where 6 cruise ships docked while we were there. If you like to shop for souvenirs then this is the place to be. Our accommodations were nice but not as advertised on the Internet. They did change our room to a better one. We walked into town passing huge windmills and photographing along the way where we ate a nice Greek pizza dinner and enjoyed the local wine. The next day we took the Blue Star ferry to Athens (about 7 hours), which was very nice, and relaxing, I can’t say the same about all the people.

 Once we arrived in Athens, we found our way to the Metro, which landed us three blocks from our hotel.  By nightfall we were sitting on the rooftop of the Attalos hotel enjoying the view of the Acropolis.  It was incredible! The next morning we did not waste anytime venturing out towards the Acropolis. It took us all day to see mostly everything, including the New Acropolis Museum (worth the visit). Be careful though, the marble is very slick and even with good shoes on it is very easy to fall (I should know), Back to the rooftop for another photo shoot and of course a bottle of wine.

Our last day we found the Catholic Church but we were unable to attend (not a great place to be after dark). Then we walked down to catch a hop on and hop off, City Sight Seeing Tour bus that brought us to the National Archaeological Museum. It was huge!
Tomorrow we will start our journey home via Metro to the Airport (only 6 Euros).

All in all we had a great trip and enjoyed our sister’s week in Greece. For myself, I miss home and I can’t wait to see my family and friends and my dogs!

Santorini is a romantic place. We met a lot of couples’ young and old on their honeymoon. It is a fun place to relax and enjoy the sun.

It very seldom rains but every morning you will find your clothes wet if you set them outside to dry because of the humidity. This is why the grape vines are coiled to protect them from the sun and retain the morning moisture.

Some Greek people do display Southern hospitality.

Food comes in family size so only order one meal and split between two people.  Food is not cheap and consists of mostly breads, oils, cheese (no fat-free) and a very good Greek salad.

Water and wine can be less expensive then other drinks like a small cup of frozen lemonade (Stand in Acropolis charged 4.50 Euros compared to water at .60 Euros).

Toilets are not designed for paper.

Between the islands and the history it is easy to enjoy a short stay.

You can be far away from home and still meet a War Eagle!

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